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2 batters, 2 bowlers, 1 all rounder and a keeper within your £30m budget. Pick a captain to score double points.


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The first round of games will be played this Wednesday (12th Oct) so get your teams set up and selected before then!


Team Manager Points
 1Faiz‘s FledglingsFaiz 1800
 2Snail‘s Rising Super GiantsJames Artingstall1794
 3Luke RonchiectasisVishal Rawji1708
 4Shweety‘s BeastiesShwet Singh1633
 5Swann of a kindOllie1569
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All Rounders
Name Value Points
 1James Groves£6.0m180
 2Yousef Hyder£4.0m115
 3Tom Hartington£7.0m62
 4Rohan Katkoria£4.0m26
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Name Value Points
 1Ed Plant£6.0m276
 2Tim Blakemore£3.0m207
 3Faisal Rehman£4.0m196
 4Hussain Shah£3.0m183
 5Ismaeel Aurangzeb£6.0m155
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Name Value Points
 1Kishen Patel£3.0m430
 2Sameer Khan£7.0m320
 3Mustafa Butt£7.0m245
 4Dhiraj Patel£7.0m216
 5Sachin Modi£6.0m189
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Name Value Points
 1Shwet Singh£7.0m351
 2Ed Greenwood£7.0m230
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Game 26 Stats

Last updated: 2017-04-08 12:00:35